Sometimes there comes a point when you have to make some sacrifices. This is one of those times. All of us here at Nomad have had an awesome time feeding #YEG for the last three seasons. But, we’re moving on to bigger things. If you don’t already know, we are opening a restaurant, Woodwork, with The Volstead Act. We are so excited about this. Things are coming along really nicely and we’re on track for a late summer / early fall opening.

Thanks to all of our awesome customers who have made this transition possible. We love you.

Also, here is an abbreviated version of our mac n cheese recipe to say thank you (serves 40, imperial v metric ;) ):

2 KG dry macaroni
10 oz unsalted butter
10 oz ap flour
1.5 teasp cayenne
1.5 teasp mustard powder
4 qt whole milk
2 cups dry white wine
2 kg shredded gouda 

Boil macaroni for 5 minutes, shock in cold water, drain macaroni, set aside
melt butter in large, heavy sauce pan
add flour and spices and make a roux
cook on low-med heat for 5 minutes, careful not to brown roux
add white wine to roux and thicken
slowly add milk while whisking and bring to a simmer
once sauce has thickened, add cheese and stir until melted
combine sauce and macaroni, season to taste with salt and acid
bake mac and cheese mixture at 400f until temp is 165f

Over and out. It’s been real.


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2012 and 2013

We’re excited to be gearing up for the 2013 truck season! Some notes:

We had some great press in 2012-our house sausage was named one of the best 100 things to eat in Edmonton by #yeg and The Tomato. We also received an honorable mention for best food truck in the city from Avenue Magazine, behind Bubbas and Drift (you guys are awesome).

We have partnered with The Volstead Act and are opening a restaurant in the McLeod Building downtown called Woodwork. Look out for the pop-up in the spring and the grand opening this summer.

We will have our crack n cheese on the menu everyday this year too!

Here is our 2012 menu list. Who knows what 2013 will bring:

-House-made Kasekrainer (cheese sausage)
-Pork Pie
-Pulled Pork
-Montreal Style Smoked Meat
-Pork belly and Dumplings
-Berkshire Porchetta
-‘Vegreville Smokie’-our house sausage, smoked with beet chips, kraut and crème fraiche
-‘Bannock Pocket’-Sangudo beef wrapped in bannock dough and crisped
‘Crack n Cheese’-our mac n cheese featuring sylvan star gouda, gull valley tomato and Berkshire pork cracklings
-‘The Big Smoke Sandwich’-smoked tomato jam, house bacon and house-smoked cheddar
-‘The St. Lawrence’-Peameal bacon, apple and sweet maple mustard, gouda
-House ham and Tomato Jam, aged gouda
-‘Meatball Rocket Sub’ ground Berkshire and Sangudo beef, rocket, grizzly cheese
-Alberta Lamb Plate-seared chop, house merguez, couscous salad
-Full English -Baked Beans, blood sausage, fried egg, toast, tomato
-Bacon and Apple Sandwich
-Nomad Burger, ground cheek, chuck and brisket, tomato concasse, ‘big p dipper sauce’, lettuce
-Meatloaf Sandwich, meat and veggie loaf, fried egg, gouda
-Nomad Salad, Lactuca greens, fried egg, house bacon, aged grizzly, gull valley tomato
-Pancake Soup
-Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
-Ham chop and dumplings
-Smoked Chicken and Dumplings
-Flapper Pie
-Smoked brisket sandwich
-Brown Butter Rhubarb Tart
-Boston Baked Beans
-Pork Ribs and Grits
-BBQ Chicken and Crispy Grits
-Potato Salad
-Braised Sangudo beef and dumplings
-Ham hock terrine and Head Cheese
-Roasted Gull Valley Tomato and Fried farm egg sandwich
-Caraway Slaw
-Beer and Cheese Soup w/ Buttermilk Croutons
-Tomato and House Ricotta Salad
-Berkshire Schnitzelwich
-Sangudo Cheesesteak Sandwich
-‘Alberta lamb wrap’
-Smoked Poblano Chili and Cornbread
-Chilled Molasses Tea
-Sangudo Beef Dip
-Beef Sausage, pickled carrot, sweet mustard
-Taber corn chowder
-Ham and Corn Crepe
-Smoked meat Croquette, Fried Egg
-Split pea soup
-Smoked short rib and grits

Hope to see you out there in April!


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Bar-B-Cue is a dinner series by Mike Scorgie of Nomad food truck, which celebrates the delicious matrimony of meat, flame and smoke. Look for events around YEG or attend one of the supper clubs at the home of the chef. First dinner TBA shortly!


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Thanks for a great year!

Well, it’s October and that means another year has come to an end for the food truck. We had an amazing year serving our locally-sourced fare to Edmonton. Thanks to all of our great customers, producers and new friends!

We have tentative plans for a brick and mortar space opening up in the early spring, so you can look forward to that. Details should be available in the new year.

We cater during the winter, so book us for your function by emailing

Here are a few shots of  some of the food this year. Full menus to be posted shortly!

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June Update

Hey! May was a great month. We made some new friends at the 124 Street Grand Market, had fun at What The Truck and worked on some new dishes (see pics below)!

Check our twitter for more up-to-the-minute info on menu and service.

In June you can find Nomad:
on Rice Howard Way from 11:30-2, Mon-Friday
@What The Truck on Wednesday nights at McIntyre Park, 8303 104 Street
@124 Grand Market on Thursday nights from 5-9
@Al Fresco On June 9 on 104 street and off Jasper Ave

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We’re back on the streets and in a new location!

It’s spring and we here at Nomad are really in the swing of things. We have new staff, new menu items and a new location-We’ve moved from 102 street and Jasper to Rice Howard Way. Come say hi and have a great lunch. As always, all menu items and charcuterie are made in-house by our chefs.

Here are a few pics of what we’ve been up to.


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Valentine’s Dinner

Come join us on Valentine’s Day at the Yellowhead Brewery. $60 gets you a four course meal paired with craft cocktails from The Volstead Act. Doors are at 7, dinner is at 7:30. Purchase for this event is now closed (feb 13).


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Burns Supper w/ Video

Thanks to everyone who came to our Burns Supper! Thanks to Kevin Kossawan for video footage of the event!

Episode 30 – Burns Supper from Kevin Kossowan on Vimeo.

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Burns Supper

January 25 is Burns night, the birthday of the poet Robbie Burns.  Nomad is hosting a Burns supper at the Yellowhead Brewery (10229-105 Street) to honor the life and works of the ploughman poet.  Come enjoy scotch, haggis, and the poetry of Scotland’s favourite son.

 Tickets are $40 and include a three course dinner. Scotch and beer will be available for purchase. Doors are at 7. Supper commences at 7:30.

Burns Night 2012: Bill of Fare



Barley-Broth: lamb and barley soup

A Scots Rabbit: hot cheese on toast

Address to a Haggis

Haggis: a gallimaufray of offal

Clapshot: neeps an’ tatties

Rich Eating Posset: curdled sweet cream


 Lamb provided by Tangle Ridge Ranch

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Nomad Presents: A Traditional, Meatless Ukrainian Christmas Eve Dinner

More info available here.
As of December 18, tickets are sold out.

The Menu

  • Kutia: wheat pudding, dried sour cherries
  • Kolach: braided bread, honey, garlic
  • Kapusniak: sauerkraut soup, heavy cream, rye bread
  • Bib: baked beans, flax oil
  • Smazheni doshchyvyky: puffball mushroom fritters, pickled onions
  • Pisni holubtsi: cabbage rolls, wild rice, preserved tomato
  • Borsch and vushka: beet soup, wild mushroom dumplings
  • Oseledsi: pickled trout, carrots, dill
  • Varenyky: perogies filled with cottage cheese, fried onions
  • Chay: labrador tea, candied orange peel
  • Kisiel: highbush cranberry soup
  • Pampushky: raised doughnuts filled with rosehip jelly
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